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Ride for the Dogs - Newton, KS

  • 1400 Southeast 3rd Street Newton, KS, 67114 United States (map)

Where: Caring Hands Humane Society - 1400 SE 3rd St, Newton, Kansas 67114

When: Sept 16, 2017 - Registration starts at 8:30am

That time of year is rapidly approaching when Caring Hands, and those who we have come to owe so much to, together, make a difference in the lives of so many animals we care for here. I am talking specifically, about Ride for the Dogs, our signature fundraising event. We are grateful for the support. With that in mind, I would like to welcome Twister City to the market, and we are looking forward to working with them, you, and all of the wonderful partners we have the good fortune to associate with.

We have been successful, in that we have made a difference in so many lives, and that we have managed to have fun, and give back to the community while doing so. This is only because of the many individuals and businesses that have contributed to this effort.

This year we will have more of a presence in electronic billboards, and will be on KWCH, KHCW, 104.5 The Fox, T-95, KFDI. These are sources you might be able to get some publicity from, in addition to being able to help the animals. We also are going to be distributing flyers at Bentley Corner Bar & Grill, and at the Kansas State Fair.

This event means so much to the dogs, and to the community. And with new relationships, and new partners, we look to have an even larger impact.

Last year, we had 164 riders, and made $8,000 for the animals. Quite good considering that the weather was not very good, and we had an earlier start. We are enthused, and hope for even better this year.

We have a float trip in Missouri with hotel, horseback riding, and meals, along with a gas card as one of the prizes. We also have a bed and Breakfast in Nickerson, Kansas with a wildlife preserve, and are working on more. Chocolates, Liquors, Tattoos, Tools, Meals….  We will have prizes and raffle items to help make this a good event for all involved.

With that in mind, I am reminding you that this event is coming up, and asking for a show of hands, so to speak. If I have already gotten a reply from you, I do apologize. Please let me know you are on board. If you cannot do anything this year, please let me know that too, but please pencil in September 16th, and come out to enjoy the event.