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Cassoday Bike Run - Cassoday, KS

From the official motorcycle event website: Hosted by Cassoday Business Organization (CBO) in Cassoday, KS." The Cassoday Business Organization is a group of citizens both from Cassoday and the surrounding areas or towns. We try our hardest to keep this run going. Because of you, we have succeeded in that venture. This ride is a place you can come and be at peace, see friends and make new ones, eat, check out other rides, shop for new leather apparel and much more. Bikers know that the Cassoday Bike Run is ALL ABOUT THE RIDE. We have many ways of entering Cassoday. And with Hi-way 177 being the "Scenic By-way" you can't miss the scenic view. No other ride has that which makes us "The Ride" of choice. Come join the fun!